“Embarking on a path in the arts occurred after I became disillusioned in the possibility of pursuing law career in Russia. Despite being heavily into writing by then, I sought to experiment with the visual medium(s) for expressing my ideas and concerns. I reckon comparing photography and writing isn’t particularly fruitful, the one is never stronger than another, as they are essentially different mediums. It isn’t so much about ‘strengths’ and ‘weaknesses’, but more about choosing a more suitable form to transmit the specific message. And the criteria of ‘suitability’ are as much personal, as they are informed by the variety of contexts – social, political, etc. It is interesting to explore what kind of synthesis photography and writing can create together. Plus, considering the visual-dominated state of our society and culture today, it is almost impossible to ‘disengage’ from anything ‘ocular’.”

The Persimmon’s Fruit by Nat Urazmetova (3/4)

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