At the Hiroshima Central Park. 664m from the epicenter of the a-bomb explosion.

It was said 70 years ago when the bomb was dropped that there will be no nature that will grow in Hiroshima for over 70 years.

“This work HIROSHIMA 2015 was held in the 70th year after the atomic bomb was dropped in 1945. The whole project was initially given to me as an assignment from Marie Lelievre, a photo editor from Le Monde. I also had the interest in Hiroshima since I had been doing some personal work called the ‘The Imagining’ from 2014, which is about what Japan experienced during the WW2. The title ‘HIROSHIMA 2015’ was a reference from a photo book called ‘HIROSHIMA 1958’, Photographs taken by Emmanuelle Riva, a French actress who came to Hiroshima in 1958 for a film shoot named the ‘Hiroshima mon amour’. During her stay with her medium format film camera, she walked around Hiroshima for about a week before her film shoot. Her photographs are all in black and white but it’s very clear and you can observe the reconstruction process in the summer of Hiroshima in it’s 13th year after the crisis. She was able to communicate through the lens with the pedestrians, and the portraits along with the landscape images of the Hiroshima in that time brings a somewhat nostalgic feeling. I have kind of walked on the path of her steps by taking photographs in the summer of Hiroshima in 2015 with color photographs taken by medium format films. Also, my stay in Hiroshima was a week as well which brings something close to Emmanuelle Riva’s vision.”

HIROSHIMA 2015 by Kentaro Takahashi (2/5)

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