“I love photography grainy and dirty. So I’m fascinated by Jacob Aue Sobol’s work. I love his black and white, the hard contrast, the grain, the flash, the intimate view. Another one of my heroes is Andreas H. Bitesnich, even though I never told him. I still remember the day when I stumbled upon ‘Deeper Shades. New York‘. I saw some pictures along with an interview in a magazine. Read it and stared at the pictures while lying in the bathtub. There it was: fascination, inspiration, the decision for analogue, pictures in my head, the golden thread, the ‘look of my work’ in mind. My brain was buzzing, the water got cold. Maybe I could squeeze in a little thank you (again), in case he’s reading this.

And there is Anton Corbijn, the great one. Again, this brilliant use of black and white, these intriguing portraits, that make you dive deeper, look for more, find glimpses of things not visible.

Well and I’ve to admit – if I hadn’t met Gerd, hadn’t fallen in love with him, I’m not sure if I had the guts to follow my heart and go for photography as a professional artist. This partner in crime not only shares my passion but is constantly pushing and supporting me.”

Time Collapsing by Christine Miess (4/4)

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