“Though my work completely steers clear of political and social issues I thought it was very interesting to travel across so many states at such an intense time. From last summer until now I was traveling during the end and climax of the presidential campaigns, the election, and now the current situation under Trump. Sometimes you could see a lot of support for one candidate, sometimes a lot of support for the other, or, some other time, no display of support whatsoever. It was a very intense time to travel I think, and being a foreigner I was on the receiving end of Americans explaining to me what was so wrong in their country, according to them. Some were very hopeful, some others not at all. It was striking that I met few people who were really for Hillary or for Trump. Most of them were just disappointed by the choice they had and because of that very sad either way. It was incredibly interesting to go from one town to another, one state to another and discuss with a diverse set of Americans the state that their country is in at the moment. Many things became all of the sudden very clear and I found answers to many questions, though I did not like or agreed with most of the answers.”

Americana by Anna Hahoutoff (3/4)

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