“For the design of the book, I worked together with graphic designer Mark Holtmann (Kad.Re) and lithographer Sebastiaan Hanekroot (Colour & Books). Since I was still at the Art Academy I could talk about the process during class as well. Working together with Mark was great, since he really tuned in to me and my project, figuring out a concept that really fitted the work. In the earlier dummies I already used smaller paper with quotes but Mark suggested to have these loose cards in there. The colours were taken of the trucks in the book and shaped like a truck. These loose cards represent this freedom the book is about. People ask me where every card belongs but then I tell them they can decide for themselves, they don’t belong somewhere.

The cards are vulnerable as well, you can loose them or they can rumple, this represents the downside of this freedom. Living on a squatted terrain you always have a risk of being evicted from your spot. Every card is put in the book by hand by me personally, 10 cards per book. The lettering and spacing of these letters were inspired by truck shapes and parking lots. The white edges around some of the pictures are not completely centred, which represents the different lifestyle of the people living in these spaces. Even the size of the book 32×23 cm was deliberate since the number 23 is frequently used in the underground scene as a number representing chaos.”

15m2 of freedom by Angeniet Berkers (4/4)

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