“Photographs and images are such a strong way of telling stories, which everybody can read. I don’t want to sound super cliché but you don’t need to speak the same languages to understand. That’s what I think is so beautiful about photography, it doesn’t need a translation when looking at it. I am not good with words, even answering these questions for you guys from Art Narratives takes some time. I guess this is the only way for me to actually tell and share stories. I am thirty years old and growing up, we -my generation- had a big transition in ways of communicating. The internet plays a huge roll in this too. Even now we are still developing and visual literacy is becoming increasingly important. As we are communicating more and more through images on a daily basis; whenever there is a cry smiley face emoji, which was chosen the word of 2015 by Oxford Dictionaries by the way. Or a sloth GIF that exactly explains your emotion at the moment.

We are used to be taught in schools how to interpret words or how to read, whenever this is theoretical, poetry and so on. But since the visual literacy is developing on such a high and fast level right now, you see a change in the way –young– photographers at the moment are also picking up new ways of telling stories. Those that blur the borders between documentary and conceptual practices and who are stepping outside of the traditional photojournalistic gaze.”

It takes my mind off things by Robin Butter (4/4)

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