“Xu was one of my colleagues. This picture shows him after his daily work. His daily wage was about 100RMB nearly equal to 15USD. Xu was married and had his wife and child at home in Shangxi. Like many others, Xu became a miner in his early 20’s to earn more money. His home province, Shanxi, was known for its abundance of coal mines but Xu wanted to find any good job except one in the dangerous mining sector. He struggled to find work and eventually decided to become a miner. Shortly after, he got married and still couldn’t find work – even as a miner. That’s how he ended up 1,000km away in Huangcumjing. In Huangcumjing, he dug coal in the mine-tunnels 10 meters below ground. One time, he recounted a time when the tunnel collapsed on him, forcing him to find a vent to breath through until he would be helped.”

Changjiang by Hajime Kimura (2/4)

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