“These photos are from a part of a series of ‘Changjiang’, which I have constantly worked on for 5 years. I was 26 when I traveled to China for the first time in 2008. I didn’t know much about China then. I only knew its population was unevenly distributed across its huge landmass.

This part was created in the time I stayed in a coal mine village in Sichuan for a month. The village I stayed is called Huangcumjing (the Chinese name is 黄村井), located about 200km south from Chengdu. Huangcumjing is the end of the Shibanxi Railway which is famous for its old steamroller in Sichuan nowadays. I worked as a labourer with daily meals and accommodation, but without a wage. I did not perform tasks that would normally be conducted by a miner. I carried logs (30-60kgs each) to the blast furnace to be burned for coal. I was never on par with the miners, I was viewed as a tourist with some curiosity.”

Changjiang by Hajime Kimura (1/4)

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