“I really look at everything – the smallest details of how everything has taken shape in the editing and finishing, and of course, how the soul of the whole is brought forward. That’s why I find photobooks so fascinating because it tells a lot about the photographers and designers’ choices.

I must be honest that photography fascinates me when it’s about something factual, I’m a documentary photographer, the abundance of aesthetic that has crept into photography in recent years is really disturbing to me sometimes. Everything should be beautiful. With (Un)expected I sometimes took less aesthetic choices because the content comes first. What’s great about a strong photo book is it isn’t a standard sum of parts. Aesthetic images don’t necessary ensure a good photo book. The content, edit, the text and graphic design can make the work be a very intense experience, if every choice is well made.”

(Un)expected by Peter Dekens (4/4)

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