“When I am making a portrait, the two states of introspection and confrontation are incredibly important to me. People are usually in an introspective state already as we begin our work together but if they aren’t, I might prompt it in an indirect way and capture it as it forms– people are very beautiful as they already are when they’re looking inward. After that introspection there’s always a crucial moment of intensity that I can count on when the visual communication occurs between us like a burst and it usually happens very quickly– in a matter of less than seconds– so I have to be ready to catch it. That is the very direct gaze you can see in many of my portraits. It’s almost like a ritual, a very profound moment of energy and emotion that crosses barriers. I am a firm believer that beauty is emotional and creating a space and time where emotion is not only accepted but encouraged and desired is the surest way to create something beautiful and meaningful.”

Hannah, 2016 by Sebastian Cvitanic (1/4)

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