“As I mentioned earlier, I limited the photographic subject deliberately. But I came to recognise that there were other limitations at play, such as those arising from my own personal preferences; these sometimes the result of my own experiences, my own nature. And I, too, had my own inner preoccupations: leaving behind a sick father and other family matters in the Netherlands. Something as simple as wanting to send him a postcard before I left could put a limitation on the work.

And did I really capture what was typically Dublin? Or Athens? Reykjavik or Ankara? After all, my observations were only moments in time. Was it a normal working day or holiday time? Even the sun shining or the rain falling could make a great difference. Moreover I was only a visitor, passing through. That was just one more limitation I had to reckon with.”⠀

Crossing Europe by Poike Stomps (4/4)

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