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“The project is an exploration of my relationship with the place I grew up and my sense of belonging. It questions the impacts that this tiny community in this remote location has had on my life and the lives of everyone that lives there. I wanted to understand what it was that kept people living there, and how the community spirit and the remoteness has influenced their philosophies and outlook on life. It was important for me to photograph a wide range of people as I wanted to understand the impacts living here has on the entire community, not just a select demographic, in order to produce a truthful representation of the place.”

David’s House by Alexander Ingram (3/5)

“David’s House is a personal project that explores my connection with St Davids, the UK’s smallest city, with a population of just 1981. St Davids sits on the most Westerly tip of the UK, surrounded on three sides by nothing but open expanses of water, under constant attack from the elements, making it at times, especially during the cold winter months, seem like quite a bleak and inhospitable place.

For four months of the year the population of St Davids explodes as thousands upon thousands of tourists bombard this small community, filling the hotels, restaurants, bars and beaches as they enjoy the summer sun. But just as soon as they arrive, they are gone, leaving behind the people that live there to carry on with their daily lives in this remote little part of the world. However, there is a comradery between the citizens that live there, a sense of family, a sense of belonging and a sense of home, that keeps them there through these quiet months.

Having grown up in St Davids, I know how extreme the differences between the summer and the winter months are, and for this project I wanted to focus my attention on the people and the landscape during these quiet, bleak months, and how the environment, the isolation and the community impacts on their lives. It is the place that I grew up and spent my childhood, but recently I have found myself quite disconnected with the place, and the project is an exploration of identity, culture, and a sense of belonging as I revisit the town that I grew up in.”

David’s House by Alex Ingram (1/5)

“‘Mom, look! I will fly in the clouds’ – said my 3-year-old son standing at a window on the third floor. I was terrified. I still have this feeling. I feel that I have no access to reality as such, I’m talking about the present, direct participation in being here and now. I get up in the morning, I see my son (who is wonderful), and I look at him as if he is already dead and disappeared. After returning from school he will be a completely different person. I know he will never be the same as he is now and I’m overwhelmed with grief by the thought of continually passing time and my inability to stop it from doing so. I’d like to find something permanent– some support (anchor point). Meanwhile, everything flows, circles and spins.“

Keep Away From Fire by Urszula Kluz-Knopek (4/5)

“This picture is about the death of the present moment. This phenomenon can be described as a transformation from one point to the other with constant brooding about the past. It means that as people we are not able to experience actual moments fully but instead, we live in a constant balance between the past and the present. The best illustration of this idea is a zombie. A zombie is dead but doesn’t know about it, that’s why it’s so tragical.”

Keep Away From Fire by Urszula Kluz-Knopek (2/5)

“Having spent the past four years living away from St Davids, I was beginning to feel quite disconnected with the place. It didn’t really feel like my home anymore, it was just where my parents happened to live and I didn’t appreciate it for what it was. The project all started with my neighbour, Dai, and my relationship with him, who has spent his whole life living less than 3 miles away from the little farmhouse that he was born, with no interest in living anywhere else. For him, St Davids offered everything he wanted in life, and he used to tell me all about his life and his experiences growing up here. Whilst for me, it didn’t really have what I was wanting and didn’t offer me the opportunities I was looking for.

I loved growing up there. I enjoyed the tight knit community, being minutes away from the beach and being surrounded by some of the most beautiful and awesome landscapes in the world, but as a young adult looking to pursue a career, I knew that it wasn’t for me.

It all began with the stories that Dai would tell me of his life living here as we sat by the open fire in his little home. He had a real love for the place, and his philosophy and outlook on life was so incredible that it made me question whether this was a result of living here, and so I decided to expand the project and explore how St Davids has impacted the lives of everyone who lives there.”

David’s House by Alexander Ingram (2/5)

“This is another story about women who can’t walk. In her eyes, there is something that says, ‘I see you more than you see me’. She is sitting in a place where no time and no space exist. Staring at somebody who is ‘in time’ and ‘in space’. It is the last photo of the series, which serves as a buckle, to close the whole story.“

Keep Away From Fire by Urszula Kluz-Knopek (5/5)

“‘Keep Away From Fire’ also presents an intimate story of a particular family told from the inside. Issues like juvenescence, changing, adolescence, mutual drifting apart and bringing together are shown within one family. That picture is an illustration of a ritual called ‘Postrzyżyny’. At the age of seven boys are taken from the mother to the care and education of the father. It is the moment when a boy becomes an adult, which is symbolized by shaving his head.”

Keep Away From Fire by Urszula Kluz-Knopek (3/5)

“The core of this series focuses on an uncertainty of present. It means that as people we are not able to experience actual moments fully but we balance between past and present. It was a few years ago. Fragments of scenes from the movie ‘Three Colors’. For me, it was a film about a woman who couldn’t stand on the ground. Throughout the movie, she flew over reality. She couldn’t feel or live in the current moment. At the same time, I was reading a biography about Frida Kahlo. And those two women were the inspiration for this picture. It was the first picture of my series ‘Keep Away From Fire’.”

Keep Away From Fire by Urszula Kluz-Knopek (1/5)