Author: Jude Star

Jude is a Toronto based photographer exploring the ways in which fringe cultures aim to subvert normative social structures. He is inspired by the non-ordinary and numinous states of consciousness achieved through psychedelics, music, dancing, and the accompanying culture.

This series is an intimate visual exploration of the psychedelic festival culture of British Columbia, Canada. It’s meant to be playful but also honest. I was trying to communicate something about the experience that I didn’t see in the videos or photos of others who cover these festivals. There’s something ineffable that happens at these festivals that I wasn’t expecting before I went. The experience is so unique and so far outside our normal reality and experience of life.  It was like being in an imaginal reality. People escape the constructs of consensus reality and create a magical world to explore previously repressed or unacknowledged parts of themselves. What you discover can change you, can shift your values, and you take this experience back into your everyday life.

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