“I confronted the town as a stranger, somehow I hadn’t expected to be back. But there I was, documenting England through my remarkably unremarkably home town of Basildon in Essex. A new town built after the Second World War, it is a manufactured community, it’s social statistics are close to the national average. The town is largely culturally homogenous, with many of the town’s residents able to trace their roots to similar parts of London.

I walked Basildon’s streets, my journeys mapping the contours of my own past, reacquainting myself with that which I had forgotten or never bothered to perceive whilst I busy growing up and getting on. I poked my head into shops, social clubs and private parties and sensed the mood. I stood on endless streets and listened, becoming engulfed by a silence so vast that time seemed to have disappeared. On such days, it really does appear like nothing has ever happened or will ever happen in the town.”

Magic Party Place by CJ Clarke (8/8)

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