“Mutability is to be feared. Change, whenever it is noticed, is usually “for the worst”, “what we had back then” was, somehow, better. Our morals defined, our community stronger. The great failure of the political class then, over the past quarter century, is not to address the concerns (real or perceived) of a great majority of English people, which has lead to an ever growing chasm between politics and between the two. Resulting, the idea (the reconstructed fiction) of a once great England, has grown ever stronger: we gather around the flag, our fierce cries hiding a hollowness in our hearts.

Brexit was the ultimate expression of this discontent. For the political class, the ‘Leave’ vote is to be feared; it is the collective snub, the people have spoken and what they are saying cannot be acknowledged: ‘we don’t need you.’ Such thoughts can only be derided and pushed to the margins; after all, working class people are stupid, aren’t they?”

Magic Party Place by CJ Clarke (7/8)

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