“This would be amongst the most extraordinary things I photographed during the entire decade I was working on the project. It was taken on an industrial estate where I had spent the evening photographing the subculture of ‘car-crusing’ – men and women, driving their tweaked and souped-up production line cars up and down a strip of road, late at night. I was there for hours and when I was sure there was nothing else happening I started to leave. I don’t know why, but as I was walking away I glanced back down the road and saw a crowd of people gathered. I went back to investigate and in the middle was a long girl in the middle of a striptease, all the men photographing her with their camera-phones. Just after this photo was taken a police car came around the corner and she disappeared into the crowd and into a nearby parked car so I never quite got to the bottom of how this bizarre scenario came to pass.”

Magic Party Place by CJ Clarke (6/8)

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