Fans at the Mazda Stadium watching the game in their own ways.
2.8km from the epicenter of the a-bomb explosion.

“8:15am August 6, 1945, America’s B-29 dropped the uranium type A-bomb called the “Enola-Gay” on Hiroshima. This first ever-used atomic bomb has killed over one hundred fifty thousand and at burst the whole city of Hiroshima within 3km became devastation. It is easy to recall the black and white image of the aftermath of Hiroshima immediately but Kentaro Takahashi the Japanese photographer born in 1989, wanted to update those symbolic viewpoints from the World War 2. He meets the inhabitants and tries to give values to the banal landscapes. He thus makes portraits of a cosmopolitan city that has more than one million inhabitants and which the modern architecture embody the will to rebuild from the devastation, without forgetting. Kentaro, while covering the city, took notes of the distance from the epicenter of the explosion at each spot where he took a photograph. He attempts to imprint the historical facts in his own perspective. “

Marie Lelievre (Photo Editor of Le Monde) on HIROSHIMA 2015 by Kentaro Takahashi (2/8)

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