“Tom and his sister Rita grew up in Independence Plaza. I remember when they were kids, seeing them in the building with their parents, especially on holidays. The kids used to all dress up on Halloween and go to each floor, ringing all the doorbells. In those days most people opened their doors for trick or treat. Anyway, Tom and Rita’s mom got sick and passed away. The dad moved to another apartment in the complex, so the kids, now grown, could stay and each have a bedroom. Tom works as a laborer and Rita has her Master’s in urban planning. She was looking for a job in her field when I photographed them. They were being forced to move to a 1 bedroom unit in the complex, as the city housing rules for “voucher tenants” don’t allow 2 grown siblings to share a 2 bedroom unit.”

Building1: Tom und Rita by Susan Rosenberg Jones (6/7)

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