“I’ve been on the 39th floor since 1985. Estelle was at the other end of the hall. She was a June Taylor Dancer back in the day, raised her 4 kids in New Jersey, and moved to Independence Plaza after her divorce when her kids were all grown and settled. When my daughter was young, Estelle had a part time job at the local health food store. She managed the cosmetics counter, and used to allow the kids to try all the makeup testers, which bothered some of the parents. Estelle did a mean impression of Joan Crawford, and for a time, produced and starred in a one woman show as Ms Crawford. We went to see it once at a cabaret in the Village. Estelle believed in healthy eating, vitamins and yoga. Her son and daughter in law in Long Island have tried for years to convince her to move to their home there – they have an extra room with a private entrance. But she refuses. She loves Tribeca and her independence. She delights in feeding the pigeons downstairs and on Greenwich and Harrison streets. She’s in her 90’s.”

Building1: Estelle by Susan Rosenberg Jones (2/7)

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