“Some months ago, I was interviewed by ‘On Landscape’, a UK online photo magazine I find very informative and often very inspiring too. In the interview I told them a little about the Denmark series, so here is an excerpt of it (issue 125):​

‘We had been there once before in May 2014. I really love that place, the wide sand dunes and beaches along the coast and the wonderful light you often get there. I like open and vast landscapes in general, rough places, and above all I love being by the sea. I always feel very alive there and close to myself and my surroundings. Walking along a beach always feels right to me, but I cannot do this very often, and that makes it special.

The whole week we spent there it was quite stormy, which added a surreal atmosphere to the place. I had never seen waves that high, and the wind was throwing the sea foam across the beach. Sometimes it was even difficult to get across the dunes because there was so much sand in the air. It was wild and raw and I loved it. And it was impossible to hold a camera still under these conditions, so I started doing ICM on my iPhone, using a slow shutter app. A series of images started to develop and I felt a certain flow while capturing them. It was great. The images were all taken very spontaneously and intuitively, very quickly during walking, and they seemed to match what I was experiencing. I think that’s what excited me most about them.’

For the set of images shown here I didn’t use my phone camera though, but my ‘big’ camera (a mirrorless from Fujifilm). I didn’t use it in Denmark most of the time due to the very stormy weather and the sand in the air, but did take it out quickly on some occasions. I wish I could have made more images with it back at that time. I need to return to the place one day…”

Denmark 2015 by Julia Fuchs (4/4)

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