“I take inspiration from my love for nature and the outdoors and from trying to lead a mindful life. I meditate every morning for about 15 minutes, attempting to carry that calm and observant mind-set with me through my day. Most of my pictures are inspired by the places and landscapes that form the backdrop to my life. I try to find beauty in the ordinary or beyond the obvious, and I like revisiting places with my camera and observing the constant change in everything.

I like both the big view and the intimate view, and I love it when small details tell big stories. My goal is to tell something about my connection and interaction with a place, about the secrets or energy it bears, or about how it reflects something I have found within myself.

I also take inspiration from many other things that play a role in my life, above all, music and the work of other photographers, including UK photographic artists Chris Friel, Valda Bailey, Andy S Gray, Michéla Griffith, Mark Littlejohn, Paul Kenny and John Blakemore, to name but a few.”

Denmark 2015 by Julia Fuchs (3/4)

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