“Almost one year has passed now since I took these images, around Christmas 2015. My photography has evolved during this year, but this is actually the kind of image my creative endeavors began with back in 2013.

The technique, intentional camera movement (ICM), is quite simple, yet pretty much unpredictable and endlessly variable and, as always, it takes some patience and practice and a bit of luck to get it right. But the key lies in the post-processing (which I usually do in Lightroom only) and it wasn’t until months later that I edited those and turned the RAW files into the pictures you see here now. They are actually a subset of the series that sprang from that holiday by the North Sea coast, where I only used my phone camera most of the time because it was extremely windy.

Sometimes it really takes me by surprise what I end up with after editing a what seemed to be a flat and bland original image. Places and landscapes appear out of nowhere, from the back of my mind maybe, or from my imagination; landscapes that still bear parts and reminders of the original scenes, and their spirit if I’m lucky, yet they are not what I saw out in the field. They are what I saw when I looked inside.”

Denmark 2015 by Julia Fuchs (1/4)

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