“This sort of architectural approach allowed me to achieve a better knowledge of my hometown, wandering in areas where I had rarely or never gone; I let myself be surprised by hidden and unexpected sights, sometimes in sharp contrast, sometimes in harmony, that, as a whole, give back a personal, necessarily incomplete and fragmentary idea of Bari (hence the title, ALMOST BARI). However, this can apply to the description of any city, big or small, that, like a living organism, is in constant transformation, full of contrasts and never the same.

I chose black and white instead of colour considering that, while colour contains many interesting, appealing but distracting elements, black and white allows the viewer to concentrate on the volumes of buildings, on the contrast between empty and filled spaces, on the relationship/ contrast between constructions and gives a uniform tone and mood to the sequence of images.”

ALMOST BARI by Mara Dani (5/6)

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