“First of all, I have to acknowledge the invaluable contribution of my mentor, a professional photographer from Bari and an author of great renown, Alessandro Cirillo to whom I am in great debt for his help, concept, directions in taking the photographs and selecting the best framing and points of view, not to mention the creation of the book (from dummy phase to its execution). He is my guide in this path of improving my photography skills and has always strongly believed in this project, encouraging me to carry on and to self-publish it. We later realized it would have been fairer to have 2 co-authors to it instead of just me, an amateur “mature” photographer. I thought it necessary to make this statement since all the awards and recognition our photo book has earned are to be shared with Alessandro Cirillo.

‘Almost Bari’ is a photo book containing a selection of 39 b&w photos of Bari, my hometown. As many of us, I, too, thought I knew my hometown pretty well but when I decided to explore it in depth, taking photographs of its different areas (mainly outside the ‘overexposed’ city centre and old city), I realised I didn’t know it at all.

I have always had a twofold attitude towards my hometown: on the one hand, I felt it was not an exciting place to live in, with few opportunities for entertainment, cultural interests and quality of life. On the other, I felt attracted by the presence of the sea, which, in my opinion, is its dominant characteristic it and its main appeal.”

ALMOST BARI by Mara Dani (1/6)

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