“Working with Appalachian studies and people is everything to me. Im an eighth generation Appalachian Scots-Irish that grew up in West Virginia, and my wife is a twelfth generation. Understanding the ideas and stereotypes that surround my home is a big part of who I am as a person and how I understand my identity. A lot of the time is hard to separate my life and my work. Its something I am passionate about and something that is built in to my DNA.

I think understanding the views of others and the stereotypes others hold is always a driving force. My family history, I really love a lot of Appalachian history and traditions, poets and writers like Maggie Anderson and Ron Rash and of course lots of other artists and southern photographers. Alec Soth, Mike Smith, Doug Dubois, Larry Sultan, Tayrn Simon, William Christenberry the list goes on.”

The Prevailing Winds of Hills and Heritage by Aaron Blum (6/6)

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