“During the 1950’s major touristic development plans existed for Salton Sea. Investors became interested, infrastructure was built, even celebrities took part in its promotion. Plenty of lots were sold and the area experienced a great boom. Many people from the surrounding cities like Los Angeles or San Diego spent their vacations at the lake. Boat races became popular and a sport fishing scene was established due to best weather conditions and a broad variety of marine life. There were numerous motels and even a golf court. An ever-growing number of celebrities from Hollywood attracted more and more people.

The idyll did not last long, however. In the mid-1970’s two tropical storms swept across the area. Since Salton Sea does not have an outlet they bursted its banks considerably. Many buildings close to the shore were flooded and essentially destroyed. The initial elation to create a French Rivera in California was ruined.”

Dream for Sale by Martin Lamberty (3/4)

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