“I am mostly influenced by daily life and personal encounters. Taking a walk can mean a lot in that sense. Next to that I also enjoy the work of others. I got the chance to follow a master class with artist Renzo Martens which offered me a critical view on the contemporary art scene. I was also thrilled to look at the ‘natural complexity’ of Mikhael Subotzky’s work, the use of different techniques by Richard Mosse and the softness of Vivianne Sassen.

It’s a pleasure to experience authentic work. In the first stage, I can be attracted by humour, mystery, tragedy or purely aesthetics. However, in order to stay in my mind, a work should show a certain degree of sincerity and playfulness with the borders of the medium and question our society.”

Those who eat fish from the cyanide lake improve their sex life by Tomas Bachot (4/4)

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