“In conversation the morning we met in the beautiful Piazza Fontanese in Reggio Emilia for coffee, Enzo told me his work always reflects his desire to find his soul while trying to slow down the process of seeing life as it races by us. In quiet solitude, we can find ourselves and meaning. This series of photographs depicts eerily quiet spaces devoid of life, with the natural world just beyond reach. The slightly unsettling, somewhat conceptual environments Enzo creates here reflect his sense of searching for place and meaning in this new world. He/we are neither a natural part of it, nor able to escape it. How do we resolve our new world? Perhaps we are sentenced to wander forever, in silence and solitude, until we find a way to live in this cold, industrial ‘factory’.”

Gina Costa on Industrial Civilization by Enzo Crispino (4/4)

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