Today, the abandoned mountains have begun to change their physiognomy. Once extensive hayfield that beautifully caressed the mountainsides, today are only inaccessible fields covered with stems: an orphaned territory left by man’s hand. There was now a new commandment; “Work at the factory. Like the mountains, the green fertile plains also underwent a brutal and radical change. Buildings had to be built, huge expanses of green fields became cement soil. And so the immense grassy fields of the Po Valley have become the perimeter of what was born again: the factory.”

In this body of work. Crispino reveals a cool, crispy, clean detached world of beautifully designed structures. Using a brilliant, constant light, with no emotion, compositions eerily devoid of people Enzo here documents the replacement of the land with these concrete substitutes for mother earth. This is the new visual vocabulary to express the heartache of his (our) lost earthly paradise.

Gina Costa on Industrial Civilization by Enzo Crispino (3/4)

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