“I began to explore this new subject matter after my exploration of my land and my mountains (the Appennino Reggiano ). What I seem more and more to see was the shortage of peasants, for years. The rural life and its people of the mountain were slowly disappearing. The call was strong, a new job that required less physical effort and was more profitable; A new way of working conception was born: THE FACTORY.

So men, without perhaps even realizing it, began to abandon his connection with the earth. The mutual respect of the laws of nature (…), as it has been for millennia, a sacred relationship disappeared. The newer generations no longer saw their future tied to their roots. Instead, they lost their cultural identity forever, one that was made up of traditions that have been passed down for generations where there was only one primary impulse: respect for the Earth”

Industrial Civilization by Enzo Crispino (2/4)

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