“Exhibitions are important to me, because everything that will be turned into a book, should also be possible to be experienced in a physical way. I want to use this book to record the wonderful stories, which the people I’ve visited and interviewed told me, so that they won’t get lost. Everything will be documented and archived.

The hardest part in the creation of a book is to melt together the collected material and the photos’ casting so that it becomes a story. I work with Sybren Kuiper, a book designer. It is always an exciting process. An artist’s book is more for me than the ability sheer ability to turn pages. The kind of paper is highly important. The whole examination is supposed to be a sensible act. For this, I admire the books from artists like Yoshihiko Ueda, Rinko Kawauchi and Duane Michals (with his witty handwritten texts alongside his pictures).”

Charkow by Ellen Korth (4/4)

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