“Charkow is about the search for a sense of belonging with in its center my mother and her secrets. My mother fled during the Second World War from the Ukraine through Germany to Holland.

Everyone has roots. Everyone is nurtured by the ground from which they grow and in which they flourish. The town, the region, the country. The scent in the air, the taste of the earth. The color of the trees. And maybe, more importantly, the family you grow up in. Even if you move houses every year, you bring the soil that nurtures your family with you. Soil into which your roots can grow deeper and deeper as you grow older. Except…while everyone may have roots, not everyone has soil. Some people’s roots aren’t in soil but on the ground, in a thin layer of earth to camouflage the hard ground underneath. That’s the kind of person I am.”

Charkow by Ellen Korth (1/4)

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