“David’s House is a personal project that explores my connection with St Davids, the UK’s smallest city, with a population of just 1981. St Davids sits on the most Westerly tip of the UK, surrounded on three sides by nothing but open expanses of water, under constant attack from the elements, making it at times, especially during the cold winter months, seem like quite a bleak and inhospitable place.

For four months of the year the population of St Davids explodes as thousands upon thousands of tourists bombard this small community, filling the hotels, restaurants, bars and beaches as they enjoy the summer sun. But just as soon as they arrive, they are gone, leaving behind the people that live there to carry on with their daily lives in this remote little part of the world. However, there is a comradery between the citizens that live there, a sense of family, a sense of belonging and a sense of home, that keeps them there through these quiet months.

Having grown up in St Davids, I know how extreme the differences between the summer and the winter months are, and for this project I wanted to focus my attention on the people and the landscape during these quiet, bleak months, and how the environment, the isolation and the community impacts on their lives. It is the place that I grew up and spent my childhood, but recently I have found myself quite disconnected with the place, and the project is an exploration of identity, culture, and a sense of belonging as I revisit the town that I grew up in.”

David’s House by Alex Ingram (1/5)

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