Fumiya 82 and Miyoko Ikeda 80. 2.3km from the epicenter of the a-bomb explosion.

Fumiya’s father used to work at the a-bomb dome, which used to be called the Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall back in August 6,1945.

“My father was working on that day. When we experienced the explosion, our house(about 2km from the epicenter) was almost gone in a split second, the window glass cutting our skins. Once things got settled, we evacuated in a temporary shelter. After a few days my mother went back to the hall to find our father but he couldn’t be identified. What remained was a SWISS made watch that my father used to wear, found at the dome. Now it is being exibited at the memorial museum.”

HIROSHIMA 2015 by Kentaro Takahashi (4/5)

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