“Having spent the past four years living away from St Davids, I was beginning to feel quite disconnected with the place. It didn’t really feel like my home anymore, it was just where my parents happened to live and I didn’t appreciate it for what it was. The project all started with my neighbour, Dai, and my relationship with him, who has spent his whole life living less than 3 miles away from the little farmhouse that he was born, with no interest in living anywhere else. For him, St Davids offered everything he wanted in life, and he used to tell me all about his life and his experiences growing up here. Whilst for me, it didn’t really have what I was wanting and didn’t offer me the opportunities I was looking for.

I loved growing up there. I enjoyed the tight knit community, being minutes away from the beach and being surrounded by some of the most beautiful and awesome landscapes in the world, but as a young adult looking to pursue a career, I knew that it wasn’t for me.

It all began with the stories that Dai would tell me of his life living here as we sat by the open fire in his little home. He had a real love for the place, and his philosophy and outlook on life was so incredible that it made me question whether this was a result of living here, and so I decided to expand the project and explore how St Davids has impacted the lives of everyone who lives there.”

David’s House by Alexander Ingram (2/5)

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