“The photographs of ‘Time Collapsing’ were shot in different countries– Austria, Italy, Morocco, Croatia amongst them. I’ve been to these places together with my partner Gerd, who is also deeply involved in photography. We try to travel as much as we can and choose the destinations matching our photographic visions. I loved travelling and shooting for ‘Time Collapsing’ because there was no pressure on me. I kind of ‘felt’ the pictures, saw the single frames layering on film, sensed the final composition. I had to concentrate not to lose track layering, but I felt light. Which is quite unusual for me. New projects tend to make me feel restless and anxious – but this time it was different. Even though I couldn’t see or control what I was doing I felt that it was all working out well.”

Time Collapsing by Christine Miess (2/4)

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