“Obviously, the flash is my big love. It’s tied to the process of making an image for me. Mostly because I really like the artificial look an image gets when flash light is used– especially on natural elements such as plants and skin. Flash is usually used for fashion shoots or packshots to create a really still, perfect image with very specific textures. Therefore I think it’s interesting to use it on something very far from that: nature.I like how it reveals parts of the image that were not really visible before.

My visual education has been strongly influenced by Martin Parr, a light genius, who in my opinion remains one of the most important artists in photography. Not only did he really make the switch from documentary photography to art photography, but the use of flash was truly innovative when he started using it. Since he’s one of my strongest influences I guess I was prone to be obsessed with the use of flash light as well.”

Americana by Anna Hahoutoff (4/4)

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