“Through my work, and far from ubiquitous road trip stories I wanted to create, to feed, a global imagery, very abstract and far from all these concerns, almost like a series of still lives or old paintings. I concentrate on textures, colors and shapes, and have numerous elements that are coming back from one state to another. Whether it is colors, angles or subjects I try to weave a coherent visual lexicon of my United States. Trying to gather the similarities and differences between states, I am in a way trying to find familiar elements in unfamiliar places. Nature is to me the most incredible thing to experience in the USA, and this is why I rapidly decided to focus on this aspect. The natural landscape. Far from all the ephemeral, the constructed, the simulated, nature remains the oldest part of this continent and brings back to a part of history very neglected: the native Americans. Getting lost in these settings definitely gives you a glance at what this country was before the invasion and how beautiful and glorious it must have been. I have always been close to nature but clearly, after these years spent in America my relationship to nature has changed a lot and it became a necessity more than a treat. Having easy access to such landscapes is truly life changing.”

Americana by Anna Hahoutoff (2/4)

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