“This series called Americana is a body of work I started in 2014 while visiting a friend in California. I am a French/ Russian photographer and most of my childhood has been strongly influenced by Russian culture and imagery. It was my first time visiting the United States after more than two decades dreaming about it. Though my visual references were Russian, my interest as a teenager was turned towards the great west and American commercials and movies were imposing themselves in my visual dictionary creating an aesthetic dichotomy between East and West. At this point, I was living in France, symbolically almost right in the middle between Russia and America.

Visa in hand I spent a couple of weeks traveling through California but it was too great of a shock. I decided to spend more time there in order to document my version of the United States. I threw away my return flight and have been there on and off ever since. I’ve traveled through more than 35 states so far, sometimes taking my time, coming back, sometimes just passing by – depending on how much I loved the place.”

Americana by Anna Hahoutoff (1/4)

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