“One of the annoying aspects of the creative process for me is staying inspired and challenging self-doubt. Is this good work? Is this cohesive? Is this good enough? Questions I’m sure a lot of artists ask themselves at one point or another. Self-doubt can happen when you end up comparing yourself to all the great work out there. Although it’s nice to recognize other people’s work, it’s important to stay true to your style and vision. If I start feeling that way I remind myself that everyone is different and that is what makes art such a wonderful thing.

My artistic process is very simple. I go on long walks and photograph what I find interesting. Even if I come back with nothing on my camera or get the film developed and it’s complete shit, the process of being out there brings me a lot of happiness. It’s therapeutic to just walk and observe, I just get lost in my own little world.”

Untitled by Marco Argüello (3/4)

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