“My creative process involves a lot of walking around aimlessly and looking for details that catch my eye – things that otherwise would go unnoticed. I am currently on a year-long journey with my wife, so my surroundings are often places that tourists visit en masses such as beaches, temples, etc. In my most recent work, I can see how you might think it’s related to the beach but far from it. I think there are elements of the beach like the ladies in the water, the palm trees with the old man taking a photo, and the portrait of the man on the beach. However, I think the common theme here is leisure and tourism. Miami, where my other two series on my website were taken, relies mostly on tourism for survival and therefore those elements of leisure/tourism are evident in all of my photos. Again, a product of my surroundings. So my connection and what draws me to photograph these things is the bad clothing, sun worn skin, the colors of leisure – bad prints, optic yellows, that all get amplified with the sun.”

Untitled by Marco Argüello (1/4)

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