“Pembrokeshire is an incredibly beautiful place, and I think that it is quite easy to fall into the trap of taking quite cliched images. I made a very conscious effort to try and avoid photographing these places that have been photographed a million times before, and wanted to try and show a side of St Davids that you might not have seen. I wanted to ensure that I didn’t just create a project full of beautiful images of beautiful landscapes in Pembrokeshire. If you want a book full of photos of sunsets at the beach, or postcards of the wildlife, you can buy hundreds of them in almost any shop in Pembrokeshire! I wanted the images I was producing to have some sort of narrative behind them, which told you more about what St Davids is really like from a personal perspective. Some of the images might not be of the prettiest things in the world, or might not be the sort of photograph you would want framed above your fire at home, but they are what St Davids is really like, and that is what I wanted to try and portray in the project.”

David’s House by Alexander Ingram (5/5)

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