“The self-marketing part is probably the most difficult, there’s this little part of me that hates doing it and kind of sits on my shoulder telling me that people will find me annoying when I do it. But I have come to learn that it is a necessary evil. You have to work hard to get your work seen. It doesn’t come automatic; there is too much work out there for that to happen. Coming to the photography game relatively late in life it has been a struggle to build up a network, and my hard work is only slowly starting to pay off. With The Swiss now being out and getting good reviews as well as an upcoming exhibition of some of The Swiss photographs. But there have been many times where I just wanted to stop. But as with anything else in life, the trick is to keep going and to never give up. Good things normally come to those who work hard and don’t give up, at least that’s my hope!”

The Swiss by Christian Nilson (3/4)

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