“This series is about that search for freedom and how it shows in people’s homes. When I was working on the project I got fascinated by the insides and outsides of the trucks and trailers people were living in, almost everything had been touched by a human hand. With little money these places were rebuilt and fixed, I specifically asked them not to clean up for me so you could really see the traces of the people living there. I liked the idea of not incorporating people in the series so the mind can be triggered to think of these people. In a way it was a personal search too, to find out if I would be fit for a life like this. I found out it has many, almost romantic, positive sides about it. At a lot of these sites, you live close to nature and are outside a lot since the homes are small. But living like that can also be cold and insecure. This insecurity is what kept me from moving into a trailer. Buying a van or truck one day and make a big overland trip is still one of my biggest dreams, though!”

15m2 of freedom by Angeniet Berkers (2/4)

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