“15m2 of freedom is a series that I made in my 3rd year of studying Documentary Photography at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. In this year every student does their own project within a certain set theme. This year it was ‘Endless Possibilities’. It immediately made me think of my best friend that got her truck drivers license, bought a truck and made it into a mobile home, moved out of her house, quit her job and started to travel around in her truck. Whenever she was in The Netherlands she’d stay on a squatted site near Utrecht, one of the few left in our country. The Netherlands used to have a very vibrant and activist left squatting scene but this has been changing. Especially since 2010 when squatting got illegal and people were put in jail or getting big fines when doing so.”

15m2 of freedom by Angeniet Berkers (1/4)

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