“Over the years I have walked around Eden in search of anecdotes and characters yet the strangest story was literally on my doorstep. In 2005, the elderly lady next door started posting odd, cryptic notes through the privet hedge that separates our two neat bungalows. At first my Mum thought it was kids but soon realised that they were from her next door neighbour. In these notes my Mum is accused of conducting an affair with the neighbour’s son, a middle-aged bachelor who never left home, and warned to stay away from him. Over a five-year period my Mum collected 150 notes not including the ones she had thrown back over the hedge. The notes were ripped crudely from the backs of envelopes recycled from long forgotten gas and telephone bills. The notes would read, ‘stay in own house at night this is not a funhouse’, ‘There are no men here your age, you are a granny’, ‘we will tell a policeman today as this is not a funhouse’.”

Come In and See the Bed by Simon Aeppli (1/4)

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