“Early projects till death us do part & home & away were given the umbrella title matrimonial ties. An image from the till death us do part series (image 6) was nominated and awarded the Hasselblad Masters Award 2016.

As a consequence Hasselblad commissioned a body of images for the Awards publication ‘inspire’ which was launched at Photokina Cologne in September 2016. Kings, queens & fairy tales is a body of images inspired by Mario Pratz’ writings on the couple/ marriage/ wedding portrait in western art history, which he refers to as ‘the conversation piece’. These staged paintings were arguably commissioned to mark the status of the individuals they represented. I wanted to make a playful response to this theme in which Peter and I dress up, or perform, in the landscape and in the studio as well as making images that are a fusion of still life and montage. In response to the theme ‘inspire’ the images make lateral connections with the childhood belief in fairy tale marriages, with points in photographic history (the Cottingly fairies) and with Icons from homosexual history (Oscar Wilde – the happy prince).”

Kings, Queens & Fairy Tales: Fanfare For The Happy Prince by John Paul Evans (3/5)

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