“After one month of work in the village, I said good bye to my colleagues and used the mountain tram to get to the bank of Changjiang river, which took about two hours. I started my venture towards the riverhead. In my previous travels from Shanghai to Tibet, I never stayed long in a town. Huangcumjing was the first place where I had an opportunity to actually interact with the local people in a meaningful way. In my time in the village, I saw how open, honest and kind the Chinese were. I was very surprised about the difference between the depiction of China by the media in Japan and their daily lives on site in China – in person, they were much more independent and possessed a strong mentality. In my time in Huangcumjing, I not only developed a greater understanding of Chinese people and their culture in general but I also developed a sense of intimacy with them and their culture.”

Changjiang by Hajime Kimura (4/4)

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