“This project is connected with my family and my ”roots”. I am dedicating the book I’m preparing, After the Firebird, to the memory of my grandparents who were born in the Pskov region. And, of course, it is the most mystical among my projects.”

“The connection of After the Firebird with other projects I have worked on is the important subject of the relationship between people and nature. For creating my story, I was inspired by Russian fairy tales and folklore, literature on Slavs mythology, paintings by famous Russian artists such as Viktor Vasnetsov and Ivan Bilibin, Palekh miniature (Russian folk handicraft of a miniature painting), and movies based on the books of Russian writer Valentin Ivanov (‘Russ at First’ and ‘Russ Great’)”

After the Firebird by Ekaterina Vasilyeva (3/4)

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