“Storytelling is something we humans have always been doing, to some degree. Telling all sorts of tales has been an important part of our lives for Millennia. Themes that all great storytellers use; birth, growth, destruction, death, and rebirth are important aspects of what it is like to be human, and what it is like to experience life. Ekaterina Vasilyeva’s project, After the Firebird, Uses these themes as a springboard to show us what life is like in the village where her family has lived for generations, and where she has been photographing for the past few years. Vasilyeva captures magical scenes of life – that little part of a common everyday occurrence that suddenly transcends into something more. Her scenes allow us to view and experience a talisman suddenly made visible, or a relationship between two people, or man and nature that crosses over into something universal for all of mankind… but only if we are watchful.”

Cary Benbow on After the Firebird by Ekaterina Vasilyeva (1/4)

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